COVID-19 Facts

COVID-19 Update: March 20th


As of 3/17/2020, EHP has moved primarily to telemedicine visits for anything routine. Please refer

to the FAQ from our 3/17/2020 update to get more information on how this process works.

To limit exposure of patients and staff, EHPVA will be operating under limited office hours.

Dr. Kanal will be in-office, with those reduced office hours dedicated to patients who require a physical evaluation (this does

COVID-19 Facts
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not include routine physical examinations or follow-ups.)

Dr. Kanal will be triaging patients, and the office will personally advise if you need to be seen in the office. 

Kindly refer to the CDC guidance on “What to do if you are sick” before coming to the clinic. This source has been updated with a convenient self-assessment survey that may also help your answer your questions quickly.

Remember, you will protect both yourself and those around you by avoiding unnecessary community exposure.

We are answering messages as quickly as possible to help you be evaluated most safely and expeditiously. To facilitate this, we request that you avoid contacting the office multiple times for the same issue if it is something that is not time-sensitive

Again, the first and best advice is to avoid unnecessary social gatherings, to wash your hands frequently, and to avoid touching your face, eyes, or mouth.

For more State and Federal information on the Coronavirus, visit the links below:

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