EHP Office Policy

The office policies of Encompass Health may be found below. Please contact us for further information.

Encompass Health’s Office Policies are subject to update without notice.


Payment in full is expected at the time services are rendered if you are not covered under a health insurance plan.

Co-pays are collected when you check in for your visit and must be paid at that time. Any past due balances will be collected prior to scheduling an appointment.


After hours coverage is limited as cross coverage is not always available. Urgent matters should be directed to the nearest emergency room or urgent care.

For acute illnesses such as urinary tract infection, upper respiratory infection, stomach upset, the physician reserves the right to require an office visit for treatment, which includes prescriptions for antibiotics, cough suppressant, or pain relief.

Prescriptions for controlled substances such as narcotics, sedatives, and stimulants must be requested at the time of the office visit. These cannot be called in to the pharmacy. Per current state guidelines, prescriptions for narcotic pain relief is limited to 7 days. Long term pain management will be referred to a pain specialist who can provide more appropriately tailored care.


Our mission is to provide you with the highest level of professional medical care with the highest degree of patient satisfaction. To avoid any misunderstandings and ensure timely payment for services, it is important that you understand your financial responsibilities with respect to your health care.

We require that all patients sign our Authorization and Consent for Treatment Form before receiving medical services. This form confirms that you understand that the services provided are necessary and appropriate, and advises you of your financial responsibility with respect to services received.

Follow Up

Patients are responsible for scheduling their follow-up appointments. Patients who do not schedule appropriate follow-up appointments for their medication refills will be unable to refill their prescriptions until they meet with Dr. Kanal.


Suppose the office is closed due to inclement weather or closed otherwise due to unforeseen events. In that case, patients should assume appointments are automatically rescheduled as telemedicine appointments unless otherwise notified.

Insurance Plans

We belong to most insurance plans. Please contact your insurance carrier to inquire if you are unsure. It is the patient’s responsibility to be informed prior to scheduling an appointment. Because of the fluctuation in plans and coverage.

Medical Records

We are happy to assist in requesting your old medical records. If possible, the physician prefers to review old records for new patients before the first appointment. However, this is subject to change depending on individual circumstances.

We are able to email prospective patients a record release form if they wish to take this directly to their prior medical provider. Otherwise, we will fax the form for you. Please speak with the front desk to arrange for this as we cannot accept completed forms via email.


Because of our large volume of patients and their daily clinical needs, we ask that you give our staff a 48-72 hour advance notice for prescription refills.

Many times you may already have refills available to you. Simply check the label on your prescription bottle, and it will indicate if there are more prescriptions on record for you with your pharmacy.

Patients requiring fills on controlled substances must allow three business days for processing as these prescriptions must be picked up in person, as detailed in the controlled substances agreement.

Please note that Dr. Kanal is presently unable to accept patients for chronic pain management. She will happily manage all other medical needs but refer to a pain management specialist as she sees fit.