Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions by patients of Encompass Health Partners.

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Specific Services

We provide medical and preventive care for adult patients 18 and up and encourage a healthy lifestyle and health maintenance for every patient. We will make exceptions for some patients aged 16-18 after speaking with their parents/guardians. Adolescent medicine is a crucial transitional period that sometimes requires sub-specialty care. However, developing an excellent physician-patient relationship at this age is essential to facilitate long-term health.


EHP is a small practice. Thus, we do not offer the full array of vaccinations that might be available on-site at a larger office. Dr. Kanal routinely guides age-appropriate, and condition-specific immunization recommendations as this is a part of routine preventive care. In general, influenza, pneumonia, and tetanus shots are available, but not for the 2018-2019 flu season (we will need to get supply orders figured out before we can provide a specific list of what we offer)