EHPVA Does Not Administer COVID19 Vaccines

Please Take Notice

EHPVA continues to practice medicine in service of all our patient’s medical needs. We appreciate the enthusiasm of our patient’s desire to fight the COVID19 pandemic and Stop the Spread. However, our small office cannot answer all questions and concerns about COVID19 and continue administering to our patients’ needs at the same time.

EHPVA encourages patients with questions or concerns about COVID19 to, first and foremost, follow the CDC guidelines available from the CDC and Virginia Department of Health.

Patients, please review the bounty of resources available online from our official Federal, State, and Local health departments. After, please know EHPVA sees your calls and emails and works as hard as we can to address your concerns. However, EHPVA will continue to put first the immediate medical needs of our scheduled patients.

If you feel sick, take caution, and STAY HOME!

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please do not call our office. Instead, call 911 or go directly to your nearest emergency room.

If you are experiencing COVID19 or flu-like symptoms or have been around someone with COVID19 or flu-like symptoms, DO NOT come to our office location.

Even a negative result of the COVID19 rapid test comes with self-quarantine guidance for a minimum of seven days, with re-testing occurring on day five or later or after ten days without testing.

The only current contraindication for the COVID19 vaccine is anaphylaxis to a prior vaccine.

Please Be Advised

  • Rapid testing is not always as accurate, and persistent symptoms of a high index of suspicion for COVID19 should be assessed with a PCR Test.
  • Routine testing requires prior planning. Please allow at least one week as tests can take up to ten days to come back, in the case of PCR.
  • EHPVA has zero ability to expedite the return of results. We cannot pull strings or ask for special treatment from the labs to return our patient’s results faster than others. We appreciate your humility and understanding in this regard.
  • It is flu and cold season. Please seek a proper and thorough evaluation of your symptoms, as not everything is COVID19.

Please Be Reminded

  • Asymptomatic transmission of COVID19 does occur.
  • Wash your hands, practice social distancing, and wear a mask.
  • Do not delay other medical needs while “waiting out” the pandemic. It is essential to seek medical care for all medical needs.
  • Patients follow-ups are required to receive medication. EHPVA provides telemedicine visits to limit exposure. Telemedicine visits are still billed and covered by insurance as a regular office visit.
  • EHPVA uses, a web browser-based option (no application installment required) that can be done from any computer or phone with a microphone and camera access. Not all insurances will pay for telephone-only visits. If your insurance does not cover, you will be charged the cashed price. Patients may reach out to EHPVA’s biller with questions if they are unsure.
  • The labs and imaging centers continue to implement proper, safe, and effective health protocols. Patients, please do not skip your labs. Most locations now allow you to wait in your car.
  • EHPVA DOES NOT have the COVID19 vaccine, nor will we carry it.
  • To check for vaccine registration, please visit the Virginia Department of Health website. Distribution is based on place of residence, except for front line workers who should have already received information from their employers.
  • Residents of Rappahannock/Rapidan ONLY may register here:
  • There is no recommendation for antibody testing after vaccination or to determine the need for vaccination.
  • Individuals who have been infected with COVID19 are advised to be vaccinated after a post-infection 90-day waiting period.
Final Note

If patients require specific guidance after reviewing available resources, patients are required to arrange a phone visit or discuss via the Patient Portal.

EHPVA thanks our patients for their time and understanding.

-Dr. Kanal