EHP Billing Information

You may reach our billing representatives at 540.216.3393. Please call if you have questions regarding your statements or your insurance coverage.

It is the patient’s responsibility to be informed as to what your insurance plan will and will not cover. All co-pays are payable at the time of your visit, as it is cost prohibitive to bill for these amounts.

For insurances with which we do not participate, payment is expected, in total, when services are rendered. We understand that medical expenses are frequently the most minor expected expenses, and our billing department can arrange a short-term payment plan for those who cannot pay in full.

Our office does not have the staffing needed to obtain insurance authorizations or waivers for patients out of network (e.g., Healthkeepers Plus). Please contact our billing office to arrange a payment plan in advance. Our fee schedule is already adjusted at a significant discount for patients who must pay out of pocket.

Billing Policy

Payment in full is expected when services are rendered if you are not covered under a health insurance plan.

Co-pays are collected when you check in for your visit and must be paid at that time. Any past-due balances will be collected before scheduling an appointment.