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  • EHPVA Does Not Administer COVID19 Vaccines

    Please Take Notice EHPVA continues to practice medicine in service of all our patient’s medical needs. We appreciate the enthusiasm of our patient’s desire to fight the COVID19 pandemic and Stop the Spread. However, our small office cannot answer all questions and concerns about COVID19 and continue administering to our patients’ needs at the same […]

  • Dr. Kartchner – Guest Update on COVID-19

    Dr. Kartchner – Guest Update on COVID-19

    A quick note from Dr. Kanal: Curbside testing for Coronavirus is available through Piedmont Urgent care, but does require physicians’ orders I do believe that is for symptomatic patients. More information to come. UPDATE 5/3/2020 https://www.who.int/news-room/commentaries/detail/immunity-passports-in-the-context-of-covid-19 In summary, we are deferring universal antibody testing for the moment until we have better data on which assays […]